Thursday, 5 January 2012

Let's Kill Hitler: A Review of Sorts

Let's Kill Hitler was, in my opinion, a very weak episode. No matter how much Moffat, Arthur Darvil etc try to convince us Mels was a mystery, a hell of a lot of people had already guessed she was Melody Pond. Correctly so, I might add. Another thing I found quite irritating was the fact that Hitler had very little to do with the episode. It was an episode about Melody's transformation into River Song, and her transformation into somebody that wants to protect the Doctor rather than kill him. Hitler was a sub-plot. A joke intended only to make Hitler look like a fool, and give Rory a BAMF moment. Also, no matter how disoriented from the smoke, there were four people in that TARDIS. They all left the TARDIS and looked around and we're supposed to believe that not a single one of them noticed the banners at each corner of the room with giant swastikas on them? The whole episode was a farce. Yes, I got some level of enjoyment out of it, but as an episode I'm assuming intended to be about Hitler and make us wonder about Mels, it was very poor. Again, this is just my opinion.

Michelle xx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Extreme over-analysis! Random!

Ok, so as it says in the title this is an extremely random over-analysis. What of? Weeeeeeeell... Super Mario 64 DS. XD Now you KNOW it'll be bad. Basically, I just think the plot of the game is a little wibbly.

- When you get all 150 stars and you go to defeat Bowser the final time, he says he wasn't aware of some of the stars. I'm assuming these are the 30 castle secret stars. So, if he doesn't know about them why are his minions guarding most of them?

- Why would bowser give stars to things like a kind snowman and a mother penguin if they'll just hand it over when they get a body or you hand over their child?

- Linked to the above, why did Bowser give Kooper the Quick TWO stars when Kooper is just gonna hand over said stars if you beat him in a race? It just seems like Bowser WANTS Mario, Yoshi, Wario, and Luigi to get the stars.

I'm aware of the fact that all of the above courses refered to were also in the Nintendo 64 version, but I've been playing the DS remake which is why I mentioned that version at the start of this crazy analysis. Anywho, see you blog readers whenever. Er, please don't think I'm mad. XD LOL!

Michelle xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Third time lucky!

It's me. The English girl addicted to RP who wishes she's American. AmericanAtHeart was my last blog, but for reasons I can't reveal (mainly 'cause I don't know them) I cannot get into that one anymore. So, yeah, I'm back. I had this looooooong period where I wasn't going out of the house 'cause I'm lazy like that. XD Due to having no computer at home, this meant I was unable to update the old blog or make myself a new one. But I'm getting back into the swing of things now. Hopefully this means more blogging, writing, twittering, formspringing... all those things that I need a computer to do. Well, the twittering and the formspringing I do on my phone. Anywho, if anyone who knew my old blog is watching this, I now vlog. My channel is I suppose I'm meant to ask you all go to watch, comment, rate, and subscribe. To be perfectly honest, I don't mind if you don't. Most of you would probably watch for Katie, my partner. She's way more fun than me. :P Since I last blogged, the list of my twitter RPs has changed massively. There are too many to list or even to count. Some were deleted. Some were changed... many times. I've given up trying to cut down or quit. It ain't gonna happen lol. My personal twitter is Why I'm telling you all this, I don't know. Most if not all the people reading this will be from twitter. Anyway, I better sign off. Surprisingly, my name is still not Michelle yet I'll still sign off as Michelle.

Michelle xx

(Told you. XD)